It Has Been A Slice! Folks! Final Blog & Summary of Learning | EC&I 834

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Another journey has come to an end, everyone packing it in and getting ready for a slice of pizza or two or three. It’s time to tear down on stage and pack up my equipment for the next gig. EC&I 834 has a been a great experience. I have more tech tools in my learning kit of knowledge, some new perspectives and I can’t forget the many great ideas I got from everyone. I guess when you put great minds in one little community, they will work together to survive and thrive. If one asks for help and feels like they’re lost, another one steps in to give a helping hand. I think that’s what made this class successful and motivating is the team work that happened throughout the course and the feeling of belonging. It was quite a lot to take in and learn, but with hard work, commitment and time put it comes great accomplishments. I have and will continue to utilize the tech tools I have learned within my teachings. I have evolved so much and will continue to evolve.


Now here is my final post about feedback and my prototype. The prototype assignment was a great idea Alec & Katia. I really enjoyed the developing process and using my imagination for this assignment. It was like we had to pick a canvas that we wanted our work of art to be on, then we had to search and experiment with different brushes, paints and tools we liked and wanted to use. We then had to put ourselves in our learners’ shoes. This one was a challenge, as I don’t know what students want to see since there are so many different kinds of learners. I figured simplicity and visually catchy is always good. I started working with tools I thought gave me that simplicity and catchy feel. Wow! What did I get myself in to? It was a lot more work than I thought trying to fit one thing in and repeating over and over again. I asked myself, “does this work okay? What about this?” Finally, it started coming together, and I was on a roll. There is still so much to add but it will eventually be a fully functional website of Cree language learning and sharing.


I appreciated all the positive and negative feedback I received from my fellow classmates. All constructive criticism and I am grateful for that. There were some simple mistakes that I will be fixing which are an easy repair with a click or two. I found myself focusing on some of the technical functionality of the tools and forgot some important information about the course and the tools I chose to use. When we were presented with this prototype assignment, I immediately decided I would be making an online Cree language course that I can use in the future. I saw the end in mind, a location for Cree language learners to come in and be able to learn on different levels. They have other language websites out in the world wide web, but not many for First Nations Languages. I plan to make my website one where you can carry around wherever you go and to be able to use this location as a tool to communicate with speakers of the Cree language. Being a Cree language instructor at the university, I am always asked by students taking my class, “now what? Where do I go from here if I want to learn more Cree?” I have never had an answer. It is hard to find locations where there are fluent Cree speakers or courses to further language learning. This website will be for them, the ones that are passionate in learning the language. As long as I am around, Cree language learners will always have a place to come and learn Cree in my world, if they choose to. I will always keep learning along side of them. As I have learned through my EDtech journey, you can build a community using technology. Now to do that with Cree language learning and the different forms of communication, that is my next mission. I have some new tools in my learning kit of knowledge and many more to work with that will help do this.


In conclusion to this part of my journey, I would like say to all, Alec, Katia and my fellow classmates, thank you for everything! You have help me move another step forward to my goal of becoming a better educator and learner. I will continue learning and incorporating education technology in my world. In my Cree language we don’t have a word for ‘good bye’, we only say ‘see you later’. So until next time, mwēstas (later) and have a great summer!


Here is my Summary of Learning for EC&I 834. I hope you enjoy!



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