Ugh! Putting the Pieces Together. Ugh!

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Is this app going to work? Does this one work? How about this one? Okay I will try this one? Or maybe this one? These are questions that kept on coming up this whole semester since we got introduce to the course prototype assignment. The other assignment, summary of learning was fairly easy to decide what I wanted to do and I had started that at the beginning of the semester and mostly done in the first month: Song chosen, software chosen, microphone bought, headphones updated, music video working well, music layered and tweaked, lyrics done, vocals warmed up. Now just to sing and add subtitles. Purchasing a mac just recently changed everything, but only a little diversion. I then had to try transfer everything from my pc to my mac which didn’t work as the video/audio software I was using was meant for pc only. Now I had to do everything over again from scratch…Yay! But it wasn’t so bad to learn new software and to redo everything. It was actually pretty easy to work with and actually turned out better the second time around. I love my mac! And still experimenting around with my mac. I will continue to have fun with this assignment and looking forward to the final product.

Now about my prototype. I had a pretty good idea of what ‘DONE’ looked like for my online Cree Classroom (Beginner 1 | Module 1-Lessons 1 & 2). At first I was struggling on which LMS to choose, I think I’ve checked them all. I had wrote a post a couple of months ago about my thoughts on how the LMSs were made. I had said it was probably a few nerdy students that were sitting around creating a tool to figure out how to organize an online class and was probably interviewing a lame teacher for their ideas and ended up with what they ended up with. Perhaps they should’ve worked with an educational psychologist and an innovative web designer as well. It was quite a negative blog post, but I had written it the way I was feeling at the time. Most of the LMSs are set up really well and the interfaces are very easy to work with. My main point was in that post was the appearance. You know how when you walk into a traditional classroom like the picture below and you say to yourself: “Okay let’s just get this class done with.”

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Then after half hour into the class you start enjoying the class. Then you say: “I guess this class is not that bad after all.” Now I ask myself: Why does a class have to start out like that? Why not start off by inviting the learner and catching their attention. Try some colors, some tools, easy navigation…etc.

Image from: MzTeachuh

This is where I decided to go with a Wix website. It is catchy in appearance, very easy to work with, I am able to edit how the site will look on smart phones, I can drag and drop pretty much anything onto my pages like: navigation menu, introduction videos, course documents, calendar, forums, catchy buttons, members only section, embed practice quizzes, images, audio, video, embed google docs, about the course, about the instructor, about the courses offered, about the tech tools needed, where to submit assignments location, polls, featured youtube videos of the week, online resource section, and many other links to other LMSs or apps if I decide to use them. The only thing is, it’s a lot of work creating an LMS. I will have to see how this goes and I eventually might end up using an external LMS in the future. The site is pretty expensive though. I will have to find a sponsor someday to run this ship. But I think I have all the tools I need for now.

Image from: Vincent Martel

Where am I at? Well I wish we had more time but it is what it is and the show must go on. It’s like getting ready for a musical performance ( aka ‘a gig’), I’ve practiced and tried a few new tricks and ways to present them, now the show time is approaching and I just have to go to the gig. Time to set up my gear, plug in, tune up, sound check “mic check 1 2, mic check, checking the mic…can I get a little bit of vocals on my monitor and some more guitar, thanks man”, and now it’s time to just to sing and have fun!  I got most of my links working, I still have to figure out more about my members only section. I need to record some videos and a few more audio files then link and/or embed those into the site. And then fine tune everything and should be done for experimentation. I’m excited and I have no idea what everyone is going to think about my prototype. But I’m ready for some great constructive criticism from my wise instructors Alec & Katia and fellow classmates!

Did anyone manage to change design, graphics, and/or layout in their LMSs home page? Do you think LMSs should offer more optional templates for specific subjects? Is there an easier way to create your own LMS within your website? Any responses or suggestions to my questions would be great!


4 thoughts on “Ugh! Putting the Pieces Together. Ugh!

  1. Great post! I definitely think LMSs should offer more optional templates. I feel very limited with mine and with the “personality” of the LMS. I can’t imagine taking a whole class simply with my setup because it is very generic. I’m not sure why there isn’t more personalization and options, but maybe it is something that is very difficult to achieve when creating the software to make these systems. Either way, I think it is definitely something all these systems should look into for the future. Thanks again for the great post!


  2. Oh Lord. I get it. As we are in Miami my grdhadaugnter knew all the vocab and whatsitz of the dope scene at 6 years old. Not easy these days. On the other hand was it ever?


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